For Selfish Eggs is an interdisciplinary design group that unapologetically speculates about the impact of near-future technologies on individuals, both physically and psychologically. The basis of our research and design explores how advances in technology will create new forms of human-machine symbiosis, expanding and even redefining what we can do with our five senses.


Extend Human Capabilities

Human enhancement, both artificial and technological, challenges the normal status and aims to expand human capabilities that furthers human physiological functions for an enhanced standard of living.

Ethical Use of Technology

Everything we research creates the possibility for breakthroughs in how humans can be understood. Our approach demands that we incorporate the capacity for design thinking and responsible practice for technologies that intervene with human wellbeing.

Value Collaboration

Our values are entirely dependent on creating and nurturing an environment that assures that everyone can do their best work together. We are committed to breaking down the natural barriers that exist between different disciplines in order to gain the most comprehensive understanding possible.


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