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1A. Artificial Organs : Human Tech Interactions

The digital economy is vastly growing as human technology interactions continue to reach new levels of advancement. The impact of technology on individuals is so immense that our society is becoming more knowledgeable and educated on these high tech mechanisms. Biotechnology is a growing field of study where technologies and products are developed based on […]

1a. Immortality, are we there yet? | Human Technology Interactions

The notion of living eternally has always been perceived as futuristic, although, science and technology have essentially decoded living significantly longer than expected. We are now capable of altering embryos, removing genes of diseases present in the nucleus and assimilating beneficial genes. We have reached the bionic era, product innovation and medical discoveries for human […]

Big Data Links

Creepy App: Privacy Concerns and Information as a weapon How Big Data is revolutionising Design: Wired Magazine

Human Technology Interaction Links

Intensive and indepth sites/articles which surrounds human technology interaction: Ever Smarter World: Foresight, tools and strategies for a world of accelerating technological change. Zoltan Istvan: Huffington Post Institute for Ethical and Emerging Technologies Subreddit on Futurology Who is to blame when AI systems go wrong? Article.

Anthropocene Links

Some interesting ideas I have come across surrounding the Anthropocene: Article by Jamais Cascio, Ensia is a magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action. These Space Farmers of 1959 Were Way Ahead of Their Time

Zoopharmacognosy: A game changer

Zoopharmacognosy is a relatively new word in the dictionary that basically means animal self-medication. Many animals, including our beloved house pets and their wild relatives, have their way to treat variety of ailments. The concept emerged in 1996 when biologist Michael Huffman, who worked at Prime Research at Kyoto University, observed that a parasite-ridden constipated […]

Artificial implantable organs could be 50 years away!

3D Printing has taken over the world by storm! This remarkable technology enables us to build three-dimensional structures with a flexible range of shape and size based on computer aided designs. 3D printers work by using X-Y-Z coordinates implementing the design from bottom to top. Scientists have advanced this concept on a whole new level […]