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1C. Extending Scenario Design

Futuring proposes alternative modes of thinking, creating and existing, acknowledging that the outlook is not an infinite abyss, arranged in succession of the past and present flowing onto the future. It requires, what Fry asserts as an Anthropologic examination into prefiguration prior to creation (Fry 2008, p. 2). In this broad sense, our proposed scenario […]

1b. Technology within Optometry – Interview with Chloe Chan

As new advancements in technology surface, we are forced to evaluate our current modes of practice, as well as realigning our relationship and understanding of the effects they pose.  I  recently had an opportunity to talk to Chloe Chan, a second year Optometry and Science student, and gain  insight into her perspective on past, present, […]

1a. Us and Them: Design at the Border*

At a certain point in humanity’s evolution, the environment changed at a very slow pace. Different generations had lived more or less identical lives. However, we currently inhabit a world of far-reaching technological expansion where borders have become increasingly blurred leading to a gradual scattering of social groups. Our sense of identity, whether it be […]

1a. A Sensory Future: Human Technology Interactions

In order to reframe our relationship with technology, designers have aimed to rethink the possibilities of information quality and how they become perceived once the senses become activated. In recent times, the responsiveness to the field of cognitive science and virtual reality studies has brought to attention the importance of these delicate haptic senses to […]