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Personalisation in an Impersonal World

In this talk, Keynote speaker Robert Scoble examines the vast array of interesting new technologies recently introduced into the market. Many of these technologies share the same common trait of being highly personalised. Technology is continually becoming better at deciphering the individual’s desires and having the ability to satisfy them. (new technology) … is building a […]

Graphic Visualisations

Some interesting forms of visualisations/ infographics, and what they reveal about the future. Lecture Slides from Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s talk at Locworld 2015, Berlin. Virtually Human:

Scenarios Research

Human-Machine Augmentation Scenario Locale: Japan 2050 Japan in popular culture: STEEP Technological: Pioneer of technology of today: Rising technological and scientific diplomacy: VIDEO Japan to build space elevator by 2050: Economic: The Sharing Economy: Jobless Future? Japanese Economy 2050: Japan: specialising within the global market:  Environment: ARUP Building the future: […]

Big Data Links

Creepy App: Privacy Concerns and Information as a weapon How Big Data is revolutionising Design: Wired Magazine

Human Technology Interaction Links

Intensive and indepth sites/articles which surrounds human technology interaction: Ever Smarter World: Foresight, tools and strategies for a world of accelerating technological change. Zoltan Istvan: Huffington Post Institute for Ethical and Emerging Technologies Subreddit on Futurology Who is to blame when AI systems go wrong? Article.

Anthropocene Links

Some interesting ideas I have come across surrounding the Anthropocene: Article by Jamais Cascio, Ensia is a magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action. These Space Farmers of 1959 Were Way Ahead of Their Time