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1C. Extending Senario Design

In Japan 2050, our scenario probed a world of subtle and seamless engineering in the concept of a perceived utopia where a system embedded within the body allows for an individual personalized experience. Our theme of biotechnology explored the personalised augmented body that would act as a positive feature to support our memory span and […]

1B. Future Generations

This interview was conducted between my grandfather and I, as I wanted to investigate the meaning and importance of the future and technology it may behold from a perspective of an older generation. It was difficult to translate my grandfather’s speech into English due to the language barrier however it was attempted to the best of […]

1A. Social Media & Big Data

There is a huge journey ahead for social media users and marketers as your data could be a marketable asset near future. Data is collected and stored from your web browser through to your daily social media viewing trends. Our privacy is no longer existent in the cyber world as all stored data is accessible […]

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1c. Extending Scenario Design

In our scenario we explored a personalised augmented reality, where an integrated bio-technical system embedded within the body monitors the constantly changing emotional and physiological states of the individual. With medical and technological advancement each day the ability to somehow integrate ourselves with our environment is plausible in 2050. A relevant connection with this notion […]

1C. Extending Scenario Design

Futuring proposes alternative modes of thinking, creating and existing, acknowledging that the outlook is not an infinite abyss, arranged in succession of the past and present flowing onto the future. It requires, what Fry asserts as an Anthropologic examination into prefiguration prior to creation (Fry 2008, p. 2). In this broad sense, our proposed scenario […]

1b. Technology for the ageing population | Interview with Rowena Sunglao

When the topic of future technology is laid on the table, it seems that the ageing population have very little on their plate. Although as a nurse specialising on elderly care for almost a decade, Rowena Sunglao has enough experience to speculate the future of technology in an aged care facility. What do you do? […]