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Zoopharmacognosy: A game changer

Zoopharmacognosy is a relatively new word in the dictionary that basically means animal self-medication. Many animals, including our beloved house pets and their wild relatives, have their way to treat variety of ailments. The concept emerged in 1996 when biologist Michael Huffman, who worked at Prime Research at Kyoto University, observed that a parasite-ridden constipated […]

Artificial implantable organs could be 50 years away!

3D Printing has taken over the world by storm! This remarkable technology enables us to build three-dimensional structures with a flexible range of shape and size based on computer aided designs. 3D printers work by using X-Y-Z coordinates implementing the design from bottom to top. Scientists have advanced this concept on a whole new level […]

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Interesting Look at: SMART DRUGS

All our selfish eggs know that we can sometimes have an unhealthy tendency towards this idea of self-obsession. However, the central idea of being fascinated with the idea of the self, and having a “self” in a philosophical sense is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather it is something to celebrate. Call it a soul or call […]