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1c. Extending Scenario Design

In our scenario we explored a personalised augmented reality, where an integrated bio-technical system embedded within the body monitors the constantly changing emotional and physiological states of the individual. With medical and technological advancement each day the ability to somehow integrate ourselves with our environment is plausible in 2050. A relevant connection with this notion […]

1b. Technology for the ageing population | Interview with Rowena Sunglao

When the topic of future technology is laid on the table, it seems that the ageing population have very little on their plate. Although as a nurse specialising on elderly care for almost a decade, Rowena Sunglao has enough experience to speculate the future of technology in an aged care facility. What do you do? […]

1a. The organic movement and the great transistion | The Anthropocene

According to Dr Chris Reidy (2015) the great transition will emerge as a sudden awakening from a series of major crisis, which translates as inspiration for the mass to get creative, become proactive, collaborative and cooperative towards a sustainable future or what we call the great transition. From The Usborne Book of the Future (1979) […]

1a. Immortality, are we there yet? | Human Technology Interactions

The notion of living eternally has always been perceived as futuristic, although, science and technology have essentially decoded living significantly longer than expected. We are now capable of altering embryos, removing genes of diseases present in the nucleus and assimilating beneficial genes. We have reached the bionic era, product innovation and medical discoveries for human […]

Anthropocene Links

Some interesting ideas I have come across surrounding the Anthropocene: Article by Jamais Cascio, Ensia is a magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action. These Space Farmers of 1959 Were Way Ahead of Their Time

Zoopharmacognosy: A game changer

Zoopharmacognosy is a relatively new word in the dictionary that basically means animal self-medication. Many animals, including our beloved house pets and their wild relatives, have their way to treat variety of ailments. The concept emerged in 1996 when biologist Michael Huffman, who worked at Prime Research at Kyoto University, observed that a parasite-ridden constipated […]