Prototype 1 : Edible

Our initial idea that sparked our prototyping emerged from our research of edible products that can be consumed as a seamless object. We had an an idea of creating edible pills that open up the full percentage of your brain for memory optimisation to enable data recollection for patients suffering from memory loss. The pill comes in capsule and tablet form and is coloured gold for a luxurious look and feel like no other on the market.


Prototype 2 : Neural Helmet

Moving into a completely contrasting solution, we wanted to move away from the sinister connotations of edible technology to physical and tangible devices. This neural helmet iteration is designed as a geodesic form which be mounted on the wearers head.  The integrated LED shoestring lights are a visual representation of the real-time feedback of neural transmissions.


Geometric helmet.


Real time neural feedback.


Structural helmet in use.


Prototype 3 : Conductive Cap

Moving onto another iteration of the helmet-like wearable, the conductive cap is created with a frame that is implanted onto the nape. The cap is envisioned as a detachable unit that functions as a memory storage device. Both iterative helmet and cap prototypes were acknowledged as intrusive and impractical when situation within the smooth, unobserved and uninterrupted system of our scenario.


Internal conductive wiring.


Cranial cap with neck and spinal attachment.

Prototype 4 : Wireless Kanzashi

As the previous iterations followed two different extremes within the spectrum, this speculative iteration looks at placing the object within a cultural setting and integrated more subtlety through an existing form.  The wireless Kanzashi is a multichannel sensor as well as a hairpin, a combination of the traditional and the future practices of Japanese females.

ThermoplasticsMaterials: Thermoplastic (mouldable plastic when heated), assorted wires and hooks, q-tips
Kanzashi Hair Comb

Hairpin with wireless module in the appearance of a Kanzashi blossom.

Kanzashi Hair Accessory

Second Iteration of wireless module with buds, wires and fluid sensors.


Hairpin in use.

Prototype 5 : Integrated Hair Cap

Exploring the wearable in relation to the scalp, the integrated hair cap is a detachable unit that is woven into an individual’s hair, keeping it hidden and close to the skin. Information is relayed through tubing. However, it is also intrusive and quite bulky for seamless integration into everyday lives.

11051872_1651520991761946_123092126590110766_o 11058221_1651520998428612_2216710210461506056_o 11700893_1651520985095280_3689387999806821247_o

Prototype 6 : Membrane Forms

Stepping away from the immediacy of wearables, we wanted to look at a future of seamless integration and fluid forms. Experimenting with mouldable and embedded systems, we looked at creating membrane-like structures which attaches on the the head in the form of a second skin.

2015-10-17 14.46.45

Scale-like plate

2015-10-17 14.47.48

Translucent mood/colour changing scale like structures.

2015-10-17 14.47.54

Flexible and sensory.

Cellular Membrane with Nodes IMG_0174

Final Iteration : The EGG (electroencephalography) Sub-dermal neural membrane circuitbox

12015031_1651535031760542_5792444224456490897_o 12017594_1651535025093876_4322040983039769243_o


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