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Interesting Look at: SMART DRUGS

All our selfish eggs know that we can sometimes have an unhealthy tendency towards this idea of self-obsession. However, the central idea of being fascinated with the idea of the self, and having a “self” in a philosophical sense is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather it is something to celebrate. Call it a soul or call […]


When talking about technology, we cannot leave out the human. Technology evolves in tandem with our desire for the better, the superior. In our current cultural climate, this intrinsic relationship allows technology to become embedded within our personal selves – our personal traits that we consider individual in a landscape of automated voices and movements. […]

1a. A Sensory Future: Human Technology Interactions

In order to reframe our relationship with technology, designers have aimed to rethink the possibilities of information quality and how they become perceived once the senses become activated. In recent times, the responsiveness to the field of cognitive science and virtual reality studies has brought to attention the importance of these delicate haptic senses to […]