Interesting Look at: SMART DRUGS

Smart Drugs Smart

All our selfish eggs know that we can sometimes have an unhealthy tendency towards this idea of self-obsession. However, the central idea of being fascinated with the idea of the self, and having a “self” in a philosophical sense is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather it is something to celebrate.

Call it a soul or call it a capacity for reflective self-awareness, but we all know that this action has got a lot to do with the brain. This reason, in turn, is what makes our brains uniquely worthy of an all important curiosity.

Smart Drugs Smart, is a podcast exploring these interesting notions surrounding the “brain health and optimisation, and actionable applications of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience.”

Smart Drug Smarts is unapologetically fascinated with our brains…

What they do.

What they can be trained to do.

What they still might do.

And what they might become.

We are living in an unprecedented Age of Discovery about how our brains operate.  And expansion in the theoretical body of knowledge is quickly giving way to real-world, practical applications.  Including — at the risk of being overly simplistic — ways to make yourself smarter.

You can learn more about their podcast by taking a read at this insightful and anecdotal article, by podcast creator Jesse Lawler, which sums up the reasons behind why he wants to smarten up for the uncertain future we’re all heading into.

You can also check out their extensive library archive of different smart drugs; their safety, duration and effects on the human brain.


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