Artificial implantable organs could be 50 years away!


3D Printing has taken over the world by storm! This remarkable technology enables us to build three-dimensional structures with a flexible range of shape and size based on computer aided designs. 3D printers work by using X-Y-Z coordinates implementing the design from bottom to top. Scientists have advanced this concept on a whole new level by constructing artificial objects such as silicone breast implants and adding cells from the cancer patients to recreate living tissue.

 The benefits of biofabrication are at large and include the following:

  • A bone transplant has a high risk of reactions and infections. However, an artificial implant can be custom made to fit the defected part and not carry the risk of transmissible diseases
  • Polymers implanted in the body could degrade over time as the damaged tissue regenerates and mimics the original tissue
  • It is accessible and affordable which creates a huge potential in growth

The first human liver transplant was conducted 50 years ago!
But now that we’re printing them, imagine 50 years on from now…
Could they possibly recreate the heart?!

There is a 2 year Masters course in Biofabrication that specialises in 3D Printing to create artificial living tissues. Read all about it here.


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